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Here you will find AWS exclusive content for the EdTech sector. AWS has many initiatives for the K12, Higher Ed and the Start-up sector supported by a wide range of activities and resources

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AWS & Intel Host EdTech CXO Mixer’s 4th Edition In Kolkata

Kolkata, Tuesday, 12 July 2022: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel hosted the

AWS & Intel’s Effort to Bring EdTech CXOs Together Continues with 3rd Edition of CXO Mixer in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel hosted the

Webinar Series on Cloud Architecture Failure, VoD with Serverless Stack & More

Amazon Web Services recently launched a free-to-attend webinar series titled "How to

AWS & Intel Bring Bengaluru’s EdTech CXOs Together in Its Second Edition of CXO Mixer

Bengaluru, Thursday, 26 May 2022: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel hosted the

EdTech Founders Share Tips On Creating Educator-Focused Products [Webinar Summary]

EdTechReview, in association with AWS EdStart, organized a webinar on “Empowering Educators:

[eBook] 7 Global Trends For EdTechs Including Online and Distance Learning

Online and distance learning demands have skyrocketed as educational institutions explore new

LilacBuds’s Founders on Digital First Approach to Higher Ed & Study Abroad Consulting

EdTech Review, in association with AWS EdStart, came up with another amazing

EdTech Startup Guide on Market Expansion And Fundraising

The 2020 global pandemic has reinvented teaching, learning, meeting, sharing, and seeking

Optimise Costs And Build A Secure Cloud Platform With AWS Cost and Security Optimisation Clinics

Digital education is now standard. It will also revolutionise how we teach

Discussing the Online-Only School – Interview with 21K School Co-Founders

As part of FeaturED – an exclusive EdTech founder interview series by

[Webinar Summary] Creating Pedagogically Strong and Learning Outcome Focused EdTech Products

EdTechReview, in association with AWS EdStart, hosted a webinar on the theme ‘Creating

Trends in the College Student Market: Upskilling, Internships, Job & Placement Prep & More

With the advent of digital technologies, the corporate world is fast-changing, resulting

[Webinar Summary] Exploring the Untapped Categories in Indian EdTech

EdTechReview (ETR)—in association with AWS EdStart and Uincept—hosted a webinar on Friday,

[Interview] The Unemployability Problem And How PrepBytes Is Solving It At Scale

FeaturED is an exclusive interview series where edtech founders and education thought