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The Shift to Hybrid Learning in Higher Ed

A webinar for Higher Education stakeholders (registrars, deans, academic heads, ICT heads, other institution leaders, professors, etc.) to help them learn about the Hybrid Learning Model for effective remote and

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[On-Demand Webinar] Classrooms 2.0: Tech-Enabled Teaching

"Reformation is another name of transformation. It is a sign of development." So is the case of the education system. It is endlessly evolving and growing.

Creating Pedagogically Strong & Learning-Outcome Focused EdTech Products

Pedagogy is among the biggest challenges for teachers. Conversations around learning outcomes and how teachers can change instruction in the physical classrooms equally picked up for the online classrooms.

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Indian Education 2025 and How Chrysalis is Paving the Way

Conventional teaching and learning patterns are shifting, changing the way teachers and students assimilate the information.

[Webinar] Empowering Educators: The Kind Of Tech You Need In EdTech

This is a webinar for EdTech startups, founders, entrepreneurs, & the EdTech investment community organized by EdTechReview in association with AWS EdStart.

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Solving India’s Employability & Skilling Puzzle: The EdTech Way

In today’s day and age, being well educated is not enough. Being well trained and skilled for the job holds equal importance. India is one of the youngest countries. It’s

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