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[eBook] 7 Global Trends For EdTechs Including Online and Distance Learning

Online and distance learning demands have skyrocketed as educational institutions explore new teaching-learning methods, keen to extend engagement, personalization, and flexibility to students and teachers.

Priyanka-gupta Priyanka Gupta

Online Assessments in HigherEd Made Easy with Moodle on AWS

Digital transformation in higher education is revolutionizing the way the industry operates and delivers on multiple ends. With classrooms, assessments, and operations moving online, every crucial element of a HigherEd

Priyanka-gupta Priyanka Gupta

Founders’ & Investors’ View on Successful & Emerging Business Models in EdTech

Indian EdTech has seen a rapid rise in funding & revenues, as well as in the number of players, business models, and users.

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Education Reimagined By EdTechs Using AWS Cloud – Access The eBook And Webinar

The COVID-19 induced shift to digital, puzzled the entire education system. This leap frog in technology left the institutions no time to set things in order or to prepare themselves

Stephen-soulunii Stephen Soulunii

India’s Employability & Skilling Puzzle: Experts’ Views on Ways to Solve the Problem

Higher skill proficiency is linked to GDP growth, labour force participation, and income equality. Unemployment and lack of skilled workforce have always been a big issue in India, more so

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How EdTechs Are Using AWS Cloud To Offer Gamification In Learning With AR And Analytics [eBook and Webinars]

The education system was hit hard by the pandemic. Under the requirement of social distancing, campuses, schools and colleges were closed down, and all the teaching-learning shifted to a virtual

Priyanka-gupta Priyanka Gupta