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36% Indian Students in Top Confidence Segment: India’s First Student Confidence Index by LEAD

In alignment with the vision of Atma-vishwas for Atmanirbhar Bharat, School EdTech

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Understanding The Learning Pyramid 

Developed by education expert Edgar Dale and modified by a research centre

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

20 Must-Watch Netflix Shows and Movies for Students

We already know that watching series and movies is one of children's

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A Guide To Design Thinking For Kids

What is Design Thinking?

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Is Virtual Schooling Beneficial For Preschoolers?

We all hear the tales of our first school day as the

Understanding The Study Abroad Market – Trends & Numbers To Blow Your Mind

Since March 2020, all of us have faced several losses and challenges.

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Top Online Tools and Virtual Labs for Fun Experiments Teachers Must Know 

Often, science lab classes in most schools suffer from a lack of

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What Are Digital Badges? How It Improves Classroom Learning? 

A digital badge in education recognises learning outside of conventional school records.

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Why We Must Include Music in Education?

Most of us are already aware of the advantages of music in

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The Impact Of Pandemic On Kindergarten Education And Scope Of Technology

  "The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

What Is Overparenting? How To Avoid It?

What is Overparenting? The term, Overparenting, also known as helicopter and hothouse parenting

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20 Companies Offering Digital Internships And Gigs To College Students

While balancing schoolwork, family, personal health, social activities and a job, many

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VARK Learning Styles & How to Recognize Student Learning Style

Every child has different learning preferences. Some prefer to learn by hearing,

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What Is Empathetic Listening? & Tips To Teach Students to Listen With Empathy 

Empathetic listening is the practice of being attentive and responsive to others'

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