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Top Resources For Students To Create A Digital Portfolio

Digital portfolios are excellent teaching, learning, and evaluation tools. According to Arter

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Tech Tips For Parents To Sail Through The Ever Changing Digital Landscape

Living in a world where children are "growing up digital", it's crucial

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How To Teach Digital Natives To Be Socially Responsible?

Today's generation, the GenZ, is truly a digital native in the sense

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Digital Safety Tips For Parents

In addition to running a global technology company, I am a father

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5 Ways Teachers Can Help Students in Their Online Learning Journey

The pandemic has had a large impact on education. Firstly, it forced

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Best Practices On How To Protect Student Privacy on Social Media

With apps and technology making a way in education, one can't emphasise

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Tips For Parents To Guide Kids On Media Balance And Well Being

Digital media has become an eminent part of our lives. Social Media,

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London-based Cypher Raises £422k To Offer Creative Coding Camps For Kids

Cypher, a London-based Edtech startup that offers coding camps and courses for

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What Do You Mean By Digital Drama?

Digital Drama is a new age term that refers to forms of

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NetSupport Further Enhances Classroom.Cloud’s Online Safety Provision By Microsoft Teams Integration

NetSupport today announced that its newest solution for classroom management and online

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Top Tips For Parents & Teachers to Introduce Fake News to Kids

Fake news is a kind of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists

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Parent’s Guide To Cyberbullying Prevention

In this day and age kids get access to the internet at

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Tips On How To Limit Your Child’s Technology Use

Living in digitally fueled times, it is easy to see our children

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Classroom Connectedness – Tips By An Educator

Teachers touch their students’ lives forever, therefore teaching is consequential.

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Is It OK For My Kid To Start Her Own YouTube Channel?

Amongst all the parental talks, you might have come across a kid’s

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