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Premier Reporting and Analytics Platform for Education Communities IntelliBoard Raises $3.4M Series A Funding

Connecticut-based education technology company IntelliBoard Inc. has announced it has raised $3.4

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CEO and Client Schools Speak on How Report Bee is Improving School Performance

Like with any other field, education in India is also undergoing a

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Who’s Working on Keeping Our Data Safe?

“We’re working on two areas to improve confidentiality of cloud computing.”  —

C. M. Rubin C. M. Rubin

School Data Analytics For Better Decision Making By School Leaders

In this age of technology, data or information is abundantly available.

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Power of Data: How Schools Can Measure, Analyze and Act with Report Bee

Data analytics is imperative for good decision making! Data analytics technologies have

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How Can Teachers Benefit Out of Learning Analytics?

At a time when technology is revolutionizing education, what draws one’s attention

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Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Education Data That is Too Hard to Understand

Data that is difficult and complex to understand can often lead to

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EdTech Trends for the Coming Years

EdTech is about to explode. The coming technology and the new trends

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Over-the-Counter Data: Don’t Swallow Anything without a Label

Due to monetary and time constraints, it is not always possible to

Education Market Trends for Edupreneurs to Know – Part 3

This is the final part of the three article series discussing about

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What is Educational Data Mining (EDM)?

Educational Data Mining (EDM) is an emerging discipline, concerned with developing methods

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How Can Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Improve and Personalize Education?

As more learning happens online, more data is generated and this data

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