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5 Ways Teachers Can Help Students in Their Online Learning Journey

The pandemic has had a large impact on education. Firstly, it forced

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Innovative World-Renowned Pedagogies For All Teachers To Know

With changing times, we must upgrade to new pedagogies. Advancement in education

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Distance Learning Strategies To Use In A Brick-and-Mortar Classroom

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 resulted in the worldwide closure of schools.

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Is Flipped Learning Effective? What Does Research Say About it?

Flipped Learning has become a very popular instructional model in the world

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[Infographic] The Science & Tech Behind Next-Gen Education

Atypical to tradition, over 9 in 10 educators are interested in the

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Improved Accessiblity with Mobile Technology in the Classroom

Mobile devices in the classroom have a bad reputation as distractions and

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Myths About Intervention of Technology in the Classroom [Flipped Learning]

Educators experimenting with technology in classroom do have a lot of concerns

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The One Stop Solution To Video Enabled Teaching: Panopto

With advent of technology in education, video aided solutions became an instant

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Homework – What is it? Does it work? & How much?

Homework is a rite of passage for children, parents and teachers.

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How Flipped Learning Can Change Special Education?

With increasingly popularity of Flipped learning approach, this kind of learning approach

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Tips for Flipping the Language Learning Classroom

When the word ‘school’ comes into our mind, we immediately start imagining

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Set of Flipped Classroom Tools & Tips for Educators

Flipped learning is one of the modern pedagogy to facilitate the new

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5 Reasons For You to Flip Learning

To flip learning is to model it in ways that brings a

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theLearnia Helps Teachers to Flip Their Classroom Within Only 5 Minutes

theLearnia.com, an innovative startup company, has announced the general availability and multi-lingual

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Teaching With Technology or Traditionally? The Key is to Balance the Way Out

“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude

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