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An Easy-to-Use Authoring Tool For Designing Courses Like A Pro

Online courses have gained recognition worldwide, and if you’re entering this field,

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Taiwanese EdTech Firm Hahow Raises $10M to Expand its Multimedia Learning Solutions

Hahow, the largest online learning platform in Taiwan, has recently raised $10

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New York-based Kids Online Tutoring Platform YaizY Raises $2.1M in Seed Round

YaizY, a New York-based EdTech platform with a wide range of curated

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The Pros Of Audiovisual Learning In Education

This article is about audiovisual learning and audio-visual aids that greatly assist

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Tips For Using PicCollage In The Classroom

With more than 200M total downloads, PicCollage is the easiest and most

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Minnesota-based Capstone Acquires Slideshow Tool Buncee to Extend its Digital Capabilities

Capstone, a digital and print book publisher for elementary learners, has announced

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Key Reasons to Why Teachers Love SymbalooEDU

Integrating technology in classroom is a common practice and what else is

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

How Audio Visual Systems are Benefiting the Learning Process in Educational Institutions

Audio visual systems have been increasingly used in the education industry, allowing

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What is Media Literacy?

Media literacy is a set of competencies that enable people to analyze, evaluate,

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Seamlessly Integrate Video into Your Lessons Using Vibby

Using videos in classroom is a great way to add background knowledge.

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A Nicer Way To Share YouTube™ Videos!

Videos, be it live or recorded, are crucial for students as it

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Popular Video Lessons and Tutorials Websites Which Can Add Value to Your Classroom Resources Pool

Using multimedia in the class is a great way to grab student’s

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How Teachers Can Find and Download Safe Creative Common Images for use in the Classroom

Whenever students start any multimedia project, they may find simply Googling the

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Engage, Entertain and Educate Using ThingLink

ThingLink is a well-known platform for making interactive images, videos for educational

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How Smartur is Making Experiential Learning Smarter

Augmented reality is a combination of two words, “augmented” means increased or

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