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Proper Sourcing Isn’t Just Good Scholarship. It’s Also Essential For Our Democracy.

The ability to find, evaluate, and cite high-quality sources is imperative. Here’s

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How AI And Data Could Personalize Higher Education?

The changing field of higher education

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Reasons to Choose Unicheck as a Reliable Plagiarism Checker for Canvas

In the 20+ years of their existence, no other year has seen

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What To Do About Copy & Pasted Assignments?

Are you getting tired of reading identical assignments from your students? There

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Curb The Copying Woos With This Awesome Tool – Unicheck

Access to information is just a click away and so is making

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Say No to Academic Plagiarism with Noplag Edu

Access to web resources has made it easy for students to access

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Do You Know of a Free Multilingual Plagiarism Checker Yet? Try Plagramme

Plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else's work

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Unoriginal Writing Across Indian Higher Education Drops 49 Percent Shows a Global Study

Turnitin, the leader in improving how students write and learn, has released

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[Infographic] Plagiarism in College – How to Avoid the Trap

Online education is continuously evolving in this technological era. With this evolvement,

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5 Amazing Plagiarism Checking Tools

Everyday lot of article and blogs are written on different topics and

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Online Plagiarism Checker by PlagiarismDetect

Description:- PlagiarismDetect  is an online plagiarism checker, for texts written in English

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PlagTracker – Plagiarism Checker

Description:- PlagTracker is a web-based tool that scans content for plagiarism. PlagTracker

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