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Scottish Startup Estendio Raises Over $635k to Help Disabled Students Overcome Presentation Anxiety

Estendio, a multi-award-winning Scottish EdTech startup, has raised over $635k (£450,000) to

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Create Quick and Easy Presentations with SlideBot Education

A video resource is always a great idea to help students with

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Keeping Them Guessing by Varying Presentation Tools

If you have been teaching for many years as I have, it

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Explore Animaker’s Do-It-Yourself Platform for Animated Videos

Animaker is an award winning, patent pending, creative, affordable, easy to use,

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New ShowTime Plug-in for PowerPoint: A Must Try

Nigel, a professional presenter who delivers four presentations a week, needed a

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5 Ways ShowTime Can Improve Your Classroom Interaction and Engagement

Giving a lecture in classrooms with large class sizes is hard; knowledge

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How Prowise May Help You Push Boundaries of Learning With Every Lesson

Prowise firmly believes that there product is the future in digital screens

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You Don’t Just Present Anymore, You Interact! A Great Case Study

Andrew Hewertson is a London-based management trainer, consultant, and coach with over 25

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Zoho ShowTime: An Innovative Software That Takes Boring Out of Your Presentations

The average human has a shorter attention span than that of a

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Engage your Students with Unique Classroom Experiences on any Device Using Nearpod

Nearpod is a great educational app that enables educator to manage their

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5 Excellent Web Tools for Teachers

There are hundreds highly efficient online tools that can make the learning

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Present on any Device in Real-Time

Presentation are popular in both corporate and educational settings. It is a

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PowerPoint Doesn’t Kill Presentations; People Kill Presentations

I am not a handyman. I'm not good with mechanical tools. Hand

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PresentationTube: A New Way for Producing & Sharing Video Presentations

The project aims to help teachers and students produce and share quality

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Movenote: A Great Tool to Present with Emotions

Means of formal communication today, have hugely shifted to Email. Everyone likes

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