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How To Automate Corporate Training With Online Training Software

Some might associate “automation” with a lack of human involvement and computers

Eugene Bloom Eugene Bloom

Key Traits Of A Modern Workplace Learning & Training Environment

As technology takes centre stage in our lives, workplace learning has transformed,

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

Interactive Simulations & Digital Training Platform Virti Raise $10M in Series A Funding

Digital training platform Virti has raised $10m in Series A to further

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Vista Acquires Technology Workforce Development Company Pluralsight for $3.5B

Global investment firm Vista Equity Partners has entered into a definitive agreement

Stephen Soulunii Stephen Soulunii

Quillionz, the Much-Awaited AI-Powered Question-Creation Platform is Unveiled

Harbinger AI announces launch, offers free usage.

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5 Steps to Measure Effectiveness of an Online Course or Training

At Internshala Trainings, our online training platform that helps learners acquire new

Sarvesh Agrawal Sarvesh Agrawal

AI – The New ABC of Business English?

Global education technology pioneers Native English Institute (NEI) and SmallStep.AI announced today

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Learning & Development in Asia, Be a Part of it!

“Learning, learning and continuous learning, ladies and gentleman, is the key differentiator

Anirudh Gupta Anirudh Gupta

6 Online Authoring Tools Guaranteed to Enhance Your E-Learning Content

Learning is not a passing trend; it is a key instrument that

Kamy Anderson Kamy Anderson

The Power of Self Directed Learning in the Workplace

What is Self-Directed Learning (SDL)?

Julia Morison Julia Morison

Virtual Classrooms – Role of Video Conferencing in Education & Training

In the last few years we have been observing a significant trend

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

Blended Learning Benefits for Corporate Training

“Blended Learning is a natural development to the growing accessibility of e-learning,

Ananya Debroy Ananya Debroy

The Biggest Barriers To Organisational e-Learning

Why are so many businesses not yet benefiting from organisational e-learning?

Sarah Cordiner Sarah Cordiner