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EdTechReview offers a variety of services to its community members starting form news updates, research based reports, guide books, events and going all the way to personalized services like training, professional development and consultation.

With this large range of offerings comes an opportunity for sponsors to support us and get noticed. Based on the different type of content and services we have a wide range of sponsorship options which are designed in a way to deliver maximum visibility and returns for the sponsors.

Why we look to promote sponsorship?
We at EdTechReview believe in keeping things simple and affordable so that everyone can take advantage of our services and our offerings thereby helping reach as many people as possible and transform education.
Sponsorship Options:
  1. Sponsor Content: If you are interested in sponsoring our content please click here look for the “Sponsored” options.
  2. Sponsor Events: If you are interested in sponsoring our highly targeted and premium agenda based events hosted by the name “EdTechNext” (www.edtechnext.com) an event subsidiary of EdTechReview, please click here and look for the upcoming events.
  3. Sponsor Trainings: If you are interested in sponsoring training and workshops for various educational institutions, please contact us for details. For additional information please contact us here.
For any other additional information about sponsorships please contact us here