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[Webinar] Empowering Educators: The Kind Of Tech You Need In EdTech

This is a webinar for EdTech startups, founders, entrepreneurs, & the EdTech

Higher Education Leaders’ Opinions on Enhancing Student Employability and Modernizing the Curriculum

As remote and digital learning becomes an intrinsic part of the university

[Webinar] Trends in the College Student Market: Upskilling, Internships, Job & Placement Prep & More 

This is a webinar for EdTech startups, entrepreneurs, & investment community organized

[Webinar] Enhancing student employability & modernising your curriculum

EdTechReview invites all higher education leaders & educators to an exclusive webinar

Indian Education 2025 and How Chrysalis is Paving the Way

Conventional teaching and learning patterns are shifting, changing the way teachers and

[Webinar] Higher Ed Knowledge Week: Preparing for the year to come

The education industry has been at the forefront of development in India.

Creating Pedagogically Strong & Learning-Outcome Focused EdTech Products

Pedagogy is among the biggest challenges for teachers. Conversations around learning outcomes

Exploring the Untapped Categories in Indian EdTech

The education market in India is massive yet highly under-penetrated and under-served,

Indian EdTech’s Global Success – Key Learnings, New Opportunities & more

Join this webinar for EdTechs to learn from founders who have excelled

[On-Demand Webinar] Classrooms 2.0: Tech-Enabled Teaching

"Reformation is another name of transformation. It is a sign of development."

[Webinar] Indian EdTech – Open for Vernacular Play

Register for this exclusive webinar for Indian edtech founders & investors -

The Shift to Hybrid Learning in Higher Ed

A webinar for Higher Education stakeholders (registrars, deans, academic heads, ICT heads,

[Webinar] Classrooms 2.0 : Tech-enabled teaching

The education space, in the past one year, has witnessed tremendous innovation.

[Webinar] EdTech for Bharat: Understanding the Market Beyond the Metros

In India, there is a noticeable gap that has always existed in

Transformation in Campus Management: Tech Adoption & Lessons During 2020

With the sudden global shift away from the classroom teaching to online