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How To Assess Your Child When Homeschooling

A big worry for many home-schooling parents is how to assess their

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

Here Are 7 Ways To Prepare For Your Exams With Self-Confidence And Regain Motivation

The cancellation or postponement of several exams has relieved stress and anxiety

Pulkit Jain Pulkit Jain

Must Watch TED Talks For Parents Of Teenagers

We are living in a digital world where technology dominates the world.

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

Fun Activities To Teach Financial Literacy To Kids

Financial habits develop from a very young age- between 7 to 9

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

Debunking Myths Around Special Education 

Currently, there are more than 1 billion people with disability in the world, and 240

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

Screen Limit Tips For Adult Learners

 With jobs requiring hours in front of the screens and remaining time

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

Videos Every ESL Teacher And Student Must Watch 

ESL stands for English as a second language and is used for

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

A Guide To Design Thinking For Kids

What is Design Thinking?

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

Studies On Increased Social Media Use & Mental Illness Post COVID-19

COVID‐19 outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

Is Virtual Schooling Beneficial For Preschoolers?

We all hear the tales of our first school day as the

Tech Tips For Parents To Sail Through The Ever Changing Digital Landscape

Living in a world where children are "growing up digital", it's crucial

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

Can Video Games Help Kids With Learning Disabilities?

We already know the 21st century is an era of digital game-based

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

4 Must Read Books That Will Pique Your Child’s Interest In Math Folktales

There’s geometry in sounds, there are shapes in drawings, and there are

Anand Prakash Anand Prakash

A Guide On Online Education For Special Ed Educators

The pandemic brought massive unexpected changes to the education sector. While schools

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

What Must I Keep In Mind If I Opt For Homeschooling My Child?

Have you ever thought of providing homeschooling to your kid? If so,

Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal