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"I find every news, reviews very informative and interesting. This site is indeed a great site for both teachers and learners. Thanks to EdTechReview for creating such an enriching site on education. Hats off!!"

Regin Brown Educationist and Blogger

United Kingdom

"My group likes this site because it's so up-to-date and has tons of relevant articles."

Angela Giuliano Teacher

New Mexico

"Your write ups and articles ignites the minds making them receptive to the whole new wealth of EdTech."

Jagat Rana Parent


"EdTechReview has some great resources for teachers who need to get some ideas about technology in the classroom."

Loretta Wideman Teacher

East Africa

"EdTechReview keeps educators up to date with trending tech savvy terms relative to the discipline."

Dr. Ingrid Rizzolo Education Professional

Curriculum and Instruction Designer, New York City Area

"I have followed your EdTech website for the past 2 months. You give excellent ideas and do research on valid topics. Overall, it is a big help in my work."

Stepan Böswart Head of ACOLET:

Amity Centre for Open Learning and Education Technology at Amity University

"Nice to hear about your community's endevour,indeed that's the need of the hour, specialy when so much is happening in the world in educational technology. We in India can't sit back and watch the world leave us behind. I am sure your efforts would bring the much needed awareness and change."

Kalpana Kadiyan Founder, Principal

Bal Bharati Public School

"I love what you are working on achieving in Education space. EdTechReview is a great start show-casing different technology solutions and how they are used, and difference it makes."

Himanshi Patel

CEO, Founder TY Strategic Advisory

"EdTechReview India, one of India's best communities that track innovations in educational technology! Do check it out!! :)"

Kushal Bhagia

Co-founder Nayi Disha Studios

"Education and Technology is the pulse of India and you have identified the right area and opportunity."

Mayank Gupta

COO of EduKart.com

"Your posts are always full with information. I'm maths lecturer & I'm not so technology savvy so all this really matters to me. Thanks for sharing this with us."

Aditi Banerjee

Maths lecturer

"I've been enjoying reading the articles. Relevant and interesting. "

Patricia Eljaiek Technology coordinator

Our lady queen of martyrs school

"EdTechReview he provides teachers with the valuable information they need to succeed"

Philip D. Ronchetti

Founder of 3RPlus the e-Library for education

"I went through EdTechReviews concept too. Pretty Nice Work I Must Say. Keep Up"

bhishek Tiwari

Founder & CEO at BridgeSmart

"Wonderful platfom to know about educational technologies!!"

Garima Shah

Digital Marketing Executive, Magic Movies

"ur website is very interestng. 🙂 i mean all the up to date articles and technology abt education"

Mahak Katyal

Associate-Curriculum Development at Educational Innovations EI

"Congrats and best wishes- I think this is a great initiative you have started in the field of education!"

Sridhar Rajagopalan MD

Educational Initiatives

"Congratulations to you and your team for this wonderful educational initiative. Great Job!"

Dr.Kumuda Gururao

Consultant for Hr.Education & Corporate Sectors

"Thanks for the valuable inputs. These are extremely useful for me as I am a trainer."

Amita Baindur

Spoken English Trainer at VTC, Eastern Command HQ,Kolkata

"Thanks for the articles. It gives me great ideas to work with."

Jewel Hams Teacher


"ETR has been a constant source of my daily information and to remain updated on Edtech trends and engage with the edtech community"

Kartik Sharma

CEO Agnitio

"Great contribution. Many reviews on education technology tools are much useful. I am using many of them for the learners benefit...with out ETR i might have not came across them. Please Keep it up ETR"

Dr. Ramanatha Sastry

EdTech Enthusiast

"EdTechReview contains relevant articles from across a wide spectrum of experts in the field of Education Technology. I find the articles interesting. well researched, and insightful. Keep up the good work!"

Chris Carter

Team Lead, Tech Coach, and Teacher, LocationShanghai City, China

"I love the newsletter and so do all of my colleages at my school. It must be a lot of work to put that together and I admire the editors a lot for that. Keep up the good work."

Ruth Valle

Spanish teacher, College professor, East Tennessee Area

"I love receiving your newsletters and find them particularly useful to share with parents and colleagues alike. "

Sylvia Kwan

"Just Love it!"

Norma Aguilar

"I thoroughly enjoyed your site. the quality of articles was outstanding. great work!"

Sabba Quidwai

Technology Coordinator and Social Science Teacher at Fairmont Preparatory Academy

"EdTechReview is indeed a timely initiative to further the Education! Without Technological inclusion, Education is going to be an incapacitated endeavor in near future; ETR is acting in a responsible manner in this change!"

Kalyan Sarkar

Director, Academic Liaisons, WizIQ

"A clear, concise and informative website that makes it easy to share interesting information on a wide range of topics in the Ed Tech area. Keep doing what you're doing! "

Lexie Hoskins

EdTech Enthusiast,United Kingdom

"I have been reading ETR articles for quite some time now and I must say 'You guys have done an excellent job."

Bijal Damani

Educator and Education Consultant, Rajkot