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Education trends are analysed by experts after careful examination of patterns and other various studies so that the best outcome can be achieved. This page highlights the latest EdTech trends, technology in education and other latest trends in the field of education.

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Cybersecurity in the Education Sector

Cybersecurity in the Education Sector: According to a report, education and research

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Here are a few strategies for achieving deep learning in the classroom

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Psychology is one such field that fascinates many. Don't be astounded if

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With digital learning being the new norm, Google is our go-to study

YouTube Channels That’d Teach You Life Skills & More

Do you also find watching videos more engaging than text content?

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The term storytelling has been making rounds in the education sector for

Reasons You Need To Pick Teaching As Your Career

I still remember my sixth-grade teacher who handled science for us. It's

How Can Minecraft Help Kids With Autism?

According to  WHO, around one child in a hundred is autistic. This is

Screen Limit Tips For Adult Learners

 With jobs requiring hours in front of the screens and remaining time

25 Education Metaverse Startups You Must Explore

Ever since Facebook became Meta, it has taken the world by storm.

Best Ways To Do Assessment In Virtual Classrooms

Virtual education has its challenges. While we can easily monitor and assess

Current Issues & Trends In Language Assessment In India

How the current language assessment tests in India are hindering the growth

Math Distance Learning Videos Every Educator Must Watch

You can always up your teaching game with more knowledge and resources

What Will Schools Look Like in 2050?

Considering the pace of technological advancement, it won’t be surprising if, by