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TheTeacherApp by Bharti Foundation Presents Teachers’ Summer Fest

Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises, has announced the launch of a virtual Teachers' Summer Fest on TheTeacherApp,

Shalini Pathak

How Class Bazaar is Making Learning Accessible to All

A common narrative that has been making rounds in the professional world is a skill gap that needs to be

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[Webinar] Fueling EdTech Revolution Through Cloud Technologies – Securely & Cost Efficiently

Join this virtual panel discussion with cloud experts and adopters on how cloud technology is securely and cost effectively fueling

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EdTech Founders Share Tips On Creating Educator-Focused Products [Webinar Summary]

EdTechReview, in association with AWS EdStart, organized a webinar on “Empowering Educators: The Kind Of Tech You Need In edtech”.

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

Optimise Costs And Build A Secure Cloud Platform With AWS Cost and Security Optimisation Clinics

Digital education is now standard. It will also revolutionise how we teach and learn in traditional classrooms.

Saniya Khan

[Webinar Summary] Creating Pedagogically Strong and Learning Outcome Focused EdTech Products

EdTechReview, in association with AWS EdStart, hosted a webinar on the theme ‘Creating Pedagogically Strong and Learning Outcome Focused EdTech Products’.

Saniya Khan

[Webinar] Higher Ed Knowledge Week: Preparing for the year to come

The education industry has been at the forefront of development in India. As the industry has evolved, so have the

Creating Pedagogically Strong & Learning-Outcome Focused EdTech Products

Pedagogy is among the biggest challenges for teachers. Conversations around learning outcomes and how teachers can change instruction in the

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Exploring the Untapped Categories in Indian EdTech

The education market in India is massive yet highly under-penetrated and under-served, considering the variety of offerings that are needed

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How Can EdTechs Reduce Cost And Optimize Security With AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services for education has revolutionized the way educational institutions function. To further impact the sector, AWS for EdTech

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

Summary [Webinar] Indian EdTech – Open for Vernacular Play?

EdTechReview, in association with AWS EdStart, hosted a webinar on 13 August 2021 on the theme “Indian EdTech - Open

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

Indian EdTech’s Global Success – Key Learnings, New Opportunities & more

Join this webinar for EdTechs to learn from founders who have excelled in the international EdTech market & what some

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[Webinar] Indian EdTech – Open for Vernacular Play

Register for this exclusive webinar for Indian edtech founders & investors - “Indian EdTech - Open for Vernacular Play?”, organized

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What Was Discussed In The Webinar “EdTech For Bharat: Understanding the Market Beyond The Metros”

The Indian education market is forecasted to reach US $225 billion by the fiscal year 2025. While India's EdTech market

Saniya Khan

The Shift to Hybrid Learning in Higher Ed

A webinar for Higher Education stakeholders (registrars, deans, academic heads, ICT heads, other institution leaders, professors, etc.) to help them

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