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With schools shut and learning over the online solution, many edtech startups

Comprehensive List Of Resources For STEM Educators

"Science is more than a school subject, the periodic table, or the

Indian EdTech Funding – H1 2022 Review

The world continues to evolve, markets are constantly changing, and the startup

A Guide On Online Education For Special Ed Educators

The pandemic brought massive unexpected changes to the education sector. While schools

Research Capacity Building In Indian Higher Education Institutions – The Need And Way Forward

In a fast-changing world, the capacity building becomes a mandatory focus area

Kid’s Privacy & Safety Standards And Acts Every Parent Should Know About 

The ubiquity, digital reach, and permanency of online learning, social media platforms

Where’s The Upskilling And Reskilling Market Headed?

Upskilling and Reskilling are the new buzzwords in the edtech industry and

Indians Willing to Invest Additional Time to Improve Fluency in Mother Tongue: Survey

Duolingo, the world’s most popular language-learning app, conducted research in India in

Understanding Design Thinking: Benefits, Practical Tips & Case Studies

Design thinking is the practice inspired by designers where people use the

The Acres Foundation Releases Insightful Study on Impact of Screen Time on Students

Mumbai-based The Acres Foundation, which runs The Green Acres Academy and The

Top Online Coding Platforms For Your Kids 

In today's technology-driven world, Coding tops the chart among the essential skills

Top Resources For Students To Discover Real World Problems & Issues

Are you looking for ways to help students learn about world issues:

Autism Education: Home Schooling Vs. Private Schools

Autism is a common developmental disability. Also called autism spectrum disorder (ASD),

Credible English Language Certifications You Must Know 

English language certifications are a hit among teachers, students and professionals alike.  

Digital Education in India Leads to Better Student Engagement and More Motivated Teachers: Study

Digital education leads to efficiencies in teaching and engaging students. Teachers experience