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On this page you will find articles covering reviews of various educational apps, tools, and more giving you a quick look about them and their usages, pros and cons, and more.

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A Review Of Online Tool Padlet For Use In Self And Peer Assessment

Padlets, which are online graffiti wall spaces accessed via, offer written

Kiddle – Visual Search Engine For Kids to Explore, registered in 2014, but has become more popular in the recent

AppAdmit – Smart Consulting Platform To Guide MBA & Master’s Students

AppAdmit is a digital consulting platform that aids students in completing their

Aasoka – Complete App For Your School’s Digital Learning Journey

"Technology can never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of

Efficient And Easy-to-Use Attendance With

Whether teaching a course, presenting a webinar, or engaged in professional training,

Make Language Learning Fun for Kids With Shoonya Kids

It is best to start learning languages at an early age. With

Add Value To Kids’ Bedtime Story With StoryMoment

Kids love listening to stories. Often you’ll find them relating the stories

Wakelet: The Digital Curation Platform You Must Check Out

Google a topic you want to study and the results you will

Discover Fun Math Learning & Practice Games For Your Kids on SplashLearn

For some strange reason, Math is one of the most dreaded subjects

Upswing Classroom: Out and Out Virtual School, Not Just a Classroom!

The ease of having everything assembled at one place can reduce the

Using Sago Mini World to Build Emotional intelligence Through Play

In the modern days, employment and productivity are as dependent on academic

MathTango – Make Learning Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Fun for Kids

Math is one of those subjects that is poorly understood and the

Learnclick: A Versatile Tool for Teachers to Create Gap-filling Exercises, Multiple-Choice Quizzes and Others

Quiz, gap-filling, multiple-choice, reordering of words and many other such exercises form

Novelly: A Civic Dialogue Platform that Empowers Young People to Use their Voice to Spark Social Change

Empowering young people to engage in civic dialogue, making them aware and

Continue Education Without Distraction During Lockdown With Free Byndr – Social Learning Platform

Byndr, a Hyderabad-based Learning Management System company is offering its premium Social