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5 Ways Teachers Can Support Students With Mental Health

Teachers play an integral role in taking care of students throughout their

How to Provide Better School Assessments and Learning Environment With Tech Adoption

With the EdTech boom, the right tech adoption can help transform school

India’s US$2.8 Billion EdTech Sector Is Full of Promise – But It Needs to Do Its Homework

Research suggests, the Indian EdTech sector, with a US$2.8 billion value, is

How Teacher Engagement and Involvement Help in Holistic Learning for Children

Holistic learning is an extensive approach to teaching where teachers seek to

KLAY Study Reveals Learning Gaps in Children Post Pandemic

KLAY Preschools and Daycare conducted a qualitative analysis to identify learning gaps

Debunking Common EdTech Myths: The Truth About Educational Technology

Though EdTech adds value to teaching & learning, many misconceptions are floating

Must Know Growth Mindset Quotes for Students and Entrepreneurs

A “growth mindset” helps individuals grow, hone their skills and become better

Why It Is Essential to Balance Tech-Enabled Learning With In-Classroom Experiences

Understanding the balance between in-class learning and tech-enabled learning is important to

Cybersecurity in the Education Sector

Cybersecurity in the Education Sector: According to a report, education and research

The Secret Sauce to a Great Pedagogy? Art of Continuous Practice and an Extra Mile of Support!

The greatest strategy is to understand the student's learning needs and offer

HE Institutes Play a Pivotal Role in Preparing Talent for Employability: Study by BML Munjal University

On the sidelines of the summit, BMU released a report titled Future of

Mapping Life Skills Education in Indian Schools: Instruction and Assessment

Life skills are transferable every-day abilities that can enable and empower young

Science Kids Experiments You Can Try At Home

Here's a list of science kids experiments that you can perform at

Best 50 Inspirational Graduation Quotes for Students

Here is a list of 50 Inspirational Graduation Quotes for Students to

6 Strategies For Achieving Deep Learning in the Classroom

Here are a few strategies for achieving deep learning in the classroom