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How Can Minecraft Help Kids With Autism?

According to  WHO, around one child in a hundred is autistic. This is

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Top Resources For Students To Create A Digital Portfolio

Digital portfolios are excellent teaching, learning, and evaluation tools. According to Arter

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Debunking Myths Around Special Education 

Currently, there are more than 1 billion people with disability in the world, and 240

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Understanding The Learning Pyramid 

Developed by education expert Edgar Dale and modified by a research centre

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List Of Career Accelerators For Teenagers 

Taking the right professional path is probably the most important decision in

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Can Math Help Build Career In Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning (ML) are ruling the digital world today.

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Studies On Increased Social Media Use & Mental Illness Post COVID-19

COVID‐19 outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)

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Best Podcasts For Kids And Families

Podcasts are educational, informative and user-friendly.There is a podcast for every subject

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Indonesian Online Career Preparation Platform Dibimbing Raises Undisclosed Amount of Funding

Dibimbing, an Indonesian online learning platform that provides skills for job preparation

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Understanding The Study Abroad Market – Trends & Numbers To Blow Your Mind

Since March 2020, all of us have faced several losses and challenges.

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What Are Digital Badges? How It Improves Classroom Learning? 

A digital badge in education recognises learning outside of conventional school records.

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Fun Math Games For Kids To Play At Home

Regardless of age, individuals of all ages like to play fun and

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Successive Approximation Model (SAM) – Pros, Cons and How to Implement it in Education

The SAM model stands for successive approximation model. It is a method of

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Kiddle – Visual Search Engine For Kids to Explore 

Kiddle.co, registered in 2014, but has become more popular in the recent

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[Infographic] Virtual Learning – The Future of Schools

The pandemic ushered in an entirely new way of life for students:

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