Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide

Mr Agnelorajesh Athaide is a First Generation Serial and Social Entrepreneur, the founder & Chairman of Global St. Angelo’s Group of Companies, a venture Funding enterprise, and the chief mentor and co-founder of the Business Opportunity Club (BOC) – a premium business networking and mentoring platform that helps SME’s and MSME’s scale up to the next level. As a self-made entrepreneur with an inspiring story of passion, self-motivation, and willpower to succeed, Agnelorajesh today is a formidable global entrepreneur and a powerful orator on economics and entrepreneurship, which he speaks about based on the experiences of his life and business. He is also the founder of one of India’s formidable private computer education companies. Starting with a single computer, St. Angelo’s Professional Computer Education became a reputed and sought-after brand, with multiple centres spread across Maharashtra. Agnelorajesh has successfully educated lakhs of students, who are now working across the globe. As an innovative entrepreneur who believes in not just earning money but creating value for all his stakeholders, Agnelorajesh has brought about constructive disruption in almost all of his ventures.
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