Mukul Rustagi

Mukul Rustagi, an IIT Roorkee pass-out, along with Bhaswat Agrawal, launched Classplus in 2018 after shutting down their first venture together in 2017. This Noida-based firm gives educators and content producers more power with their applications. It has witnessed remarkable growth in its educator and creator base, which grew 10x to over 100,000, serving an impressive 50+ million students. Over 10 million courses are sold annually by creators, with 75% of the educator base hailing from tier 2 cities and beyond. At Classplus, he takes responsibility for customer acquisition, business synergies, and team building. Mukul emphasizes celebrating short-term goals and learning from errors and experimentation. His goal is to provide tutors with more technological capacity so they can provide more satisfying tutoring to their pupils and parents. He believes that people who are adaptable and humble enough to never give up on attempting new things would ultimately be more successful than those who are simply smart. He would rather live a life of learning. He also has a sneaker obsession and enjoys reading travel guides and Ruskin Bond novels.
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