Radhika Zahedi

School Director at the Green Acres Academy – Schools by the Acres Foundation Radhika serves as School Director at the Acres Foundation. She has been working in the field of education for the past 14 years. She has experience as a school Principal at the Gateway School of Mumbai and also in other roles as teacher-coach, teacher and curriculum designer in a variety of settings including IB, IGCSE, Special Needs and Municipal schools in Mumbai, Public schools in New York City, and a rural school in the north east of India. Radhika is passionate about building learning organizations - schools with a culture of continuous learning and innovation filled with empowered leaders, teachers, parents and students. As a School Principal, she has supported this empowerment of all stakeholders through professional development programs and a shared vision - one that focuses all efforts towards improving student learning. Radhika has used her decade of experience in the classroom working directly with students and teachers, to champion curricular programs that focus on deep, meaningful learning and teacher development programs that improve not just teacher knowledge but also their teaching practices quickly.
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