Dr. Rina Lai

Dr. Rina Lai holds a Ph.D. in education and psychology from the University of Cambridge, where she also supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students in advance statistics, quantitative research methods, and neuroscience & education. At Cambridge, she developed the Computational Thinking Challenge, a digital, AI-powered, formative assessment to support children’s development in computational thinking competencies and complex problem-solving skills. She also co-founded the Cambridge China Education Forum to facilitate cross-border and cross-sector dialogues to advance education. In 2021, she was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts for her contributions to education and her impact on society. Dr. Lai is the founder of SynergisED, a research and innovation lab that works with global partners in using evidence-based and human-centred approaches to innovate future learning products, experiences, and impactful investment strategies.
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