Sandeep Yadav

An IIM Indore executive alumnus with 10+ years of experience driving strategic partnerships, business expansion, and innovative solutions in India and Southeast Asia. His enthusiasm for fostering growth, his strategic vision, and his leadership abilities have allowed him to spearhead successful initiatives that have brought in sizable sums of money. Sandeep is dedicated to developing long-term connections with EdTech clients and partners to guarantee commercial success. He has a strong interest in education and being abreast of business trends to spot possibilities and add value. He is now pursuing an 'Accelerated management programme' at the National University of Singapore (NUS Business School, Singapore).
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The Future of EdTech: Boclips’ Vision for Transforming Learning with Video

Video consumption is rising globally. Learning Videos are playing a significant role

Sandeep Yadav Sandeep Yadav

How Boclips is Leading the Evolution of Video Based Learning

Videos in education are significant in digital and hybrid learning environments. In

Why Getting the Right Content in Front of Learners Is Not That Easy

video resources are an essential part of learning. living in times when

Sandeep Yadav Sandeep Yadav

Understanding How Millennial Students Think Will Help You Serve Them Better

Teaching millennial students with different thinking than their predecessors can be challenging.