Dr. Siamack Zahedi

Dr. Siamack Zahedi is the Co-CEO & Director of Education and Research, The Acres Foundation. He has been engaged in the field of educational reform since 2004 as a learning scientist, school leader, and school improvement and turnaround consultant. His journey began with two years of volunteering work related to informal education in more than 30 villages, 13 cities, and 12 states, around India. Subsequently, he went on to establish two internationally recognized schools as their founding principal. Next, Siamack started an educational consultancy with a portfolio of diverse projects in and around India, including the largest K-10 school in the world, the largest music school in India, religious schools, special needs schools, and other such institutions, together serving more than 70,000 students. The consultancy company was eventually with the Acres Foundation network of K-12 schools to support its vision of creating an exemplary 21st century model of affordable education. As Director of Education and Research, Siamack is currently engaged in the design and implementation of this network’s schooling model, along with conducting research to empirically validate every part of its blueprint. Siamack has earned his Master's degree in Education from Columbia University (USA), and his Doctorate degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education from Johns Hopkins University (USA).
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