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A Guide On Online Education For Special Ed Educators

The pandemic brought massive unexpected changes to the education sector. While schools

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Videos On Virtual Learning In Special Education

All students have varied leering needs. Every student must receive an education

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Top Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) Parents Must Know About

Assistive technology plays a key role in making education accessible for students

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Latest Trends in Assistive Technology for Education

The best use of EdTech in education is what we bring forward

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TED Talks Reflecting Upon Assistive Technology

Education should be for all and no disability hinders one from getting

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Disability Technology Inspiring Tomorrow’s Tech Innovations

Alexa, Echo, Google Home and other speech assistants were identified by CNN

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Must Watch Videos on Assistive Technologies in Classroom

While technology in classroom has been able to add stars to learning,

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What is Assistive Technology?

In simple words, Assistive technology (AT) is any technology that assists you

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How Technology Can Improve the Quality of Special Education Classrooms

Special education classrooms have incorporated technology to serve kids with a wide

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Equitable Access to Education for Children with Disabilities

“Is there a child who does not dream of being counted and

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