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Priyanka is an experienced edtech blogger with a passion for improving education through technology. She writes thought-provoking and informative articles on the latest trends and developments in the edtech space. Through her engaging writing style and insightful analysis, readers gain a deeper understanding of how technology is transforming the way we learn and teach. From AI-powered learning platforms to gamification and conventional teaching strategies in the 21st century, Priyanka covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to educators, students, and anyone interested in the future of education.
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The Role of Robotics in Modern Education – Benefits, Challenges, & Examples

Learning by doing and experiencing is the future of learning. Integrating robotics

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Cultivating a Lifelong Love for Reading: The Early Childhood Foundation for Academic Excellence

It's imperative to cultivate reading habits among kids from an early age.

What Kids Are Reading in 2024: Report from Renaissance

A report by Renaissance Learning on reading habits among children and young

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What Digital Skills Should Students Be Developing Today?

Educators need to be equipped to train students for the digital tomorrow

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Navigating Cyber Safe in the Times of Education Technology: Empowering Learners in the Digital Age

Technology has transformed the education landscape. However, exposure to the digital world

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Everything You Must Know about Telepresence and its Role in Education

Read this article to learn more about Telepresence technology, its role in

Indian Elections: BJP vs Congress – What It Means for Indian Education?

BJP and Congress have significantly contributed to the Indian education system. Their

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Microlearning for Skill Development: Revolutionizing Education with Bite-Sized Chunks

The ever-evolving landscape of education has fuelled the concept of microlearning. New-age

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Ubiquitous Learning 101: What is Ubiquitous Learning, What You Need to Know (What is U-Learning)?

Ubiquitous Learning, also known as U-learning, is a relatively young in education.

How EdTech Is Preparing Students for the Jobs of Tomorrow?

With automation, artificial intelligence, and digitalization shaping the job market at an

Indian EdTech TWOSS Learning Raises First Seed Funding

Read this story to learn more about seed funding of TWOSS Learning,

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The World’s Largest Online Japanese Language School, JPLT, Is Now Accessible in Virtual Space

Read this story to know more about the JPLT's (Japanese Language Training)

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Top AI Tools Students Must Use

Artificial Intelligence is at the core of every industry. With many benefits

AI Upskilling Key to Retain and Advance Women in Tech, Reveals Skillsoft Report

Annual report on Women In Tech by Skillsoft highlights top challenges, upskilling

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Comparative Analysis of Top Online Course Creation Platforms in 2024

With the surge in online course creation, the number of online course

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