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I am Saniya Khan, Copy-Editor at EdTechReview - India’s leading edtech media. As a part of the group, my aim is to spread awareness on the growing edtech market by guiding all educational stakeholders on latest and quality news, information and resources. A voraciously curious writer with a dedication to excellence creates interesting yet informational pieces, playing with words since 2016.
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Cultivating a Lifelong Love for Reading: The Early Childhood Foundation for Academic Excellence

It's imperative to cultivate reading habits among kids from an early age.

Everything You Must Know about Telepresence and its Role in Education

Read this article to learn more about Telepresence technology, its role in

Ubiquitous Learning 101: What is Ubiquitous Learning, What You Need to Know (What is U-Learning)?

Ubiquitous Learning, also known as U-learning, is a relatively young in education.

How EdTech Is Preparing Students for the Jobs of Tomorrow?

With automation, artificial intelligence, and digitalization shaping the job market at an

Understanding Generative AI in Education

Read this article to understand Generative AI (GenAI), its wonders in the

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What Is Digital Storytelling & How to Create a Digital Story (All You Need to Know)

In this article, we talk about what is digital storytelling, how to

Top Mindfulness and Well-being Apps for Students

Due to increased mental health issues and the need for effective self-care

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What Is Edutainment? Entertainment + Education: Know It All

What Is Edutainment? Read this article to learn all about Entertainment +

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Top EdTech Trends for 2024: Enhancing Education in the Digital Age

In this article, explore the transformative EdTech trends for 2024 that will

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Best Resources and Practices to Teach Digital Literacy

"Digital literacy" is one of the most discussed terms in the internet

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Everything You Must Know About the G20 India 2023: Outcome, Summary & Declarations

When the Group of Twenty (G20) countries first convened in 1999, their

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Understanding the Training and Skills Strategies of G20

Across multiple G20 summits, notable commitments related to skill development have been

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Everything You Must Know About the 504 Plan

A 504 Plan outlines how a school supports students with disabilities and

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Most Innovative Education Leaders Across the Globe

Leaders live by the adage, "Be the game-changer, not the follower." They

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List of Top Courses for Special Education Teachers

Special education, also known as special needs education, as defined by Britannica,

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