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Cloud Software Firm Blackbaud Acquires Washington DC-based EdTech EVERFI For $750M

Blackbaud, the world's leading cloud software company powering social good has acquired

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Best Practices On How To Protect Student Privacy on Social Media

With apps and technology making a way in education, one can't emphasise

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Usage & Impact of Social Media – Educator’s Perspective

Man is a social animal, and society teaches us beyond the limits.

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Learning on Social Change During COVID-19

Covid-19 lockdown has seen a spike in demand for child based sexual

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Denver-based PAIRIN Raises $2.1M to Make Education Relevant and Hiring Equitable Amidst High Unemployment Rates

PAIRIN, a Denver-based social enterprise company with a mission to make education

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Are EdTech Start-Ups Considering Overlooked Communities?

The education sector has evolved to a great deal and things that

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Running a Social Enterprise in Education: Great Tips & Examples

As we grow old the aspirations of becoming doctors, teachers and do

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Social EdTech Business ‘Potential’ Shares Plan for Public & Businesses

Online learning has grown multi-fold in last 5 years but not all

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How Social Impact Investing Can Provide New Avenues

For many, Latin America is associated with a laundry list of negatives:

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