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Following a decade spent between digital strategy consultancy and award-winning VR studio Somewhere Else, Paris-born Christophe co-founded Bodyswaps with one mission: to unlock human potential in the workplace. Leveraging VR & AI, Bodyswaps is an award-winning soft skills training platform that transforms organisations and educational institutions by empowering learners to practise new thinking and acting. Christophe is an international speaker and regular podcaster on VR and learning.
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3 Ways ChatGPT Will Transform Soft Skills Learning in Education

Artificial Intelligence has made its place at the core of education. With

Paige Parrington Paige Parrington

3 Trends for VR in Higher Education in 2023

Virtual reality (VR) has been increasingly adopted in higher education institutions around

Paige Parrington Paige Parrington

AI in Education: Atlantis or Armageddon?

How do educational leaders view the rise of huge language models and

Paige Parrington Paige Parrington

Teaching Emotional Intelligence Through Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) software is becoming more widely used outside entertainment and

Paige Parrington Paige Parrington