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Over 75% of University Students Want to Be Back at Campus for Better Engagement and Connect: CollPoll’s Survey

Bengaluru, December 15, 2021: CollPoll, a Mobile-first Digital Campus Platform, released the

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STEM Activities – Most Popular Online Learning Activity Among Students Across the Globe

A survey of 2.8 Million online learning sessions globally by Nord Anglia.

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Doubtnut Raises INR 224 Crores In Series B Funding Led By SIG And Lupa Systems

Doubtnut, India’s leading K12 EdTech platform for “vernacular first” students, has raised

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What Is E-learning Security? Why Is It A Rising Concern?

The current pandemic resulted in a crisis for schools, colleges, and universities

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

Why Cyber Security Is Important Than Ever During The Pandemic 

It didn’t take long before everything went online. With the COVID-19 breakout,

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Who’s Working on Keeping Our Data Safe?

“We’re working on two areas to improve confidentiality of cloud computing.”  —

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Power of Data: How Schools Can Measure, Analyze and Act with Report Bee

Data analytics is imperative for good decision making! Data analytics technologies have

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How Online Assessments are Radically Overhauling The Indian Education System?

Indian Education System is one of the largest official bodies in the

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Why EdTech Start-ups Should Not Only Sell Products But Create Value?

The reason why edtech companies are not able to completely disrupt the

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4 Key Ingredients for Better Learning

Last month, the World Bank Group published the World Development Report (WDR)

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Can Mobile Devices in the Classroom Really Improve Learning Outcomes?

Mobile devices as teaching tools are becoming more common now.

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Role of Data Analytics in Improvement of Learning

Data Analytics in improvement of learning is often referred as learning analytics.

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A Comprehensive Approach To Student Employability

What happens when a country is poised to have millions of workers

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