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Flowcite Has Teamed Up With CORE, Largest Aggregator Of Open Access Research Papers

The partnership will provide Flowcite users with free and unlimited access to

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Most Admired Search Engines for Academic Research

You just cannot ignore the fact that the Internet has transformed the

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

Viden.io – The New Platform To Grab and Showcase Expertise Across Disciplines

With tech in use knowledge acquisition has become easy as compared to

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

Class Central Founder Shares Why it is the Top Search Engine for Online Courses

In recent talks in our conferences and other events about the growth

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How This Platform Instantly Connects Students, Graduate & Entrepreneurs With Global Micro/Small Businesses

Werkabee is the first global work experience & entrepreneurship matchmaking platform.

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

Crawded – Social Learning Network to Connect School Students

Crawded is a social learning network for school students where students can

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

PickACollege to Help Students Make Informed Choices for Most Fitting Institution

Choosing a college and course has always been a daunting task for

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Seven Safe Search Sites for Kids

Online search skills are very important for 21st century students but the

Prasanna Bharti Prasanna Bharti

5 Great Academic Search Engines for Student Researchers

Researching is an important step of writing academic papers. A well-researched academic

Prasanna Bharti Prasanna Bharti

Squify: The New 3D Search Engine, Have You Tried It Yet?

Introducing Squify- Squify is the new 3D search engine enabling users to

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LearnBIG – Find Your Best Educational Resources Easily

Online learning has been on high rise since the past few years.

Saomya Saxena Saomya Saxena

OpenCurriculum: Create, Access and Share K-12 Educational Content

A non-profit organization that works for the welfare and need for education,

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WikiBrains – Online Brainstorming and Curation Tool

Description: - WikiBrains is the world’s largest crowd-sourced brainstorming website developed for people

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Learning Ace: Search, Discover, Learn & Share Educational Materials

Learning Ace is a next generation adaptive search and recommendation website for

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Knollop – Discover & Review The Online Courses and Learning Materials

Recently, online education has significantly increased in popularity among learners of all

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