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Global Companies Working On Student Well-Being

The COVID-19 pandemic didn't just physically affect people globally but also had

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

Using The Online Survey Tool Mentimeter To Promote Student-Led Learning

Mentimeter is an online student survey tool that can be used in

Dr Poppy Gibson Dr Poppy Gibson

[Webinar Summary] Creating Pedagogically Strong and Learning Outcome Focused EdTech Products

EdTechReview, in association with AWS EdStart, hosted a webinar on the theme ‘Creating

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

Chicago-based EdTech eSpark Raises $25M To Grow Its Student-Centric Learning Program

eSpark Learning, a Chicago-based EdTech startup, announced that it has raised $25

Shalini Pathak Shalini Pathak

Key Advantages & Benefits of eLearning in Education

Today, with most educational institutions shut down for a duration unknown, the

Saniya Khan Saniya Khan

10 Reasons Why E-learning Is The Future Of Education

Conventional education has undergone tremendous changes in the last few years.

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

How Artificial Intelligence Is Significant In Personalizing Higher Education Learning

A world, where technology collaborates with teachers to create systems making higher

From India – A Student-Led Platform for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

“This platform provides students with opportunities to exhibit their creativity, problem-solving skills,

C. M. Rubin C. M. Rubin

Ways & Strategies To Facilitate Student Centered Learning

A student centered classroom is characterized by the active involvement of the

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

Quebec-based Student Motivation Platform Classcraft Raises $7.5 Million in Series A Funding

Quebec-based education technology startup Classcraft has raised $7.5 million (C$10 million) in

Stephen Soulunii Stephen Soulunii

Self Regulated Learning in Kindergarten through Student-Centered Learning Environments

Context 5 year old children entering a vast school building for the

Heather Swinder Heather Swinder

A Curriculum for Changemakers: Making Students In Charge of Their Own Learning

“We focus our lessons on trying to understand the impetus for feelings

C. M. Rubin C. M. Rubin

Interesting Scaffolding Strategies For Greater Student Independence

As a teacher, you do not wait for readiness to happen; you

Ananya Debroy Ananya Debroy

Student Centered Learning – A Popular Trait of Modern Education System

The world famous English Novelist and short story writer, E.M. Forster once

Ananya Debroy Ananya Debroy

Methods to Successfully Differentiate Instruction for Digital Learners

Differentiating instruction is one of the most necessary components of modern day

Ananya Debroy Ananya Debroy