Things To Keep in Mind While Creating a BYOD Classroom

Any BYOD classroom encompasses the use of personal electronic devices by students

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Why Is Your Blended Learning Tool Not Blending The Way It Should?

Blended learning (BL) is no more an instructional media that is used

[Infographic] Crafting Next-level Digital Learning Experience

Today’s students seek swift and easy connectivity with internet and resources, anytime

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BYOD Projectors to Redefine the Way You Communicate in Classroom

Today, students across the country want the latest technology to be integrated

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Education Blueprint: The Benefits of BYOD on STEM Learning

BYOD stands for bring your own device, which is a movement where

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Digital Transformation Trends in Colleges & Universities

Needless to say technology is changing the way we do everything and

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uLektz: The Complete Suite Of Apps Meeting Higher Education Needs

Higher Education is one of the most important thing for students.

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Insights on Use of Wireless Solutions in Education

Keeping in mind the growth of edtech in China and our interest

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Comprehensive Guide on Chromebook in Education

In classroom the corporate name that is becoming the new hit is

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Teaching With Technology or Traditionally? The Key is to Balance the Way Out

“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude

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Some Interesting “BYOD in Education” Statistics You Must Know

One of the popular trends in education sector worldwide is to Bring

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Social Resources to Follow for BYOD in the Classroom

The way technology is getting into our lives we can witness the

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BYOD: The New Trend Favoring Cell Phones in School

Technology is changing the way we live at a faster rate every

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5 Proven Benefits of Implementing BYOD in Schools

Do you remember the classrooms of your school days? The blackboards, chalks,

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5 Most Important EdTech Trends of 2015

2015 is well underway, which means we can make safe predictions as

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