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4 Must Read Books That Will Pique Your Child’s Interest In Math Folktales

There’s geometry in sounds, there are shapes in drawings, and there are

Anand Prakash Anand Prakash

Education Reimagined By EdTechs Using AWS Cloud – Access The eBook And Webinar

The COVID-19 induced shift to digital, puzzled the entire education system. This

Stephen Soulunii Stephen Soulunii

Using Audiobooks to Boost Literacy in the Classroom

Mastering literacy skills is one of the first steps towards successful learning!

Ananya Debroy Ananya Debroy

Technologies Created to Change Education Forever

When we think about how education changed, from when we ourselves were

Editorial Team Editorial Team

Online vs Offline Reading

Language development starts with the ‘LSRW’ skill development. 

Sudha Sudha

Put a Full Stop to All Your eBook Creation Hassles with Kotobee

One technology that seems to have revolutionized the education is e-books.

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

5 Reasons Why Teachers Should Choose Flipbooks and e-Books over Traditional Textbooks

Innovative teachers playing with flipped and blended educational models may be tempted

Dasha Sokolova Dasha Sokolova

Enjoy eBooks with Soundtrack – Explore Booktrack Classroom

Believing that movies are loved by all, a little touch of the

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Epic! Explore Unlimited Books for Kids!

E-Books have been one of the biggest hits in the past and

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“SmartSpeak Books” – Emerging Need for Preschools

In search for a pre-school for my daughter, I happened to visit

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Can Creating eBook Be Simpler?

If we look back and analyze the use of technology in education,

Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta

How GenextStudents is Helping Through Online Tutoring Services for CBSE & ICSE

Description: GenextStudents.com is a technology enabled tutoring platform that provides online tutorials, sample question

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7 Fantastic Websites for Students to Read Thousands of Books For Free

eBooks area a great way to update your knowledge bank.

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5 Popular Websites to Get Free Audio Ebooks

Digitization of books have made it easier for the readers to fulfill

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You Cannot Afford to Miss These Free Resources for Audio Books, eBooks and Textbooks

Whether you are a learner looking for learning material or an educator

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