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Studies On Increased Social Media Use & Mental Illness Post COVID-19

COVID‐19 outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)

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Best Practices On How To Protect Student Privacy on Social Media

With apps and technology making a way in education, one can't emphasise

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Wakelet: The Digital Curation Platform You Must Check Out

Google a topic you want to study and the results you will

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Amazing Social Learning Tools to Explore

Two heads are better than one and the phrase goes well when

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Social Media Tips Every Educational Leader Must Follow

Educational leaders may be using social media for their own reasons, but

Utkarsh Lokesh Utkarsh Lokesh

Importance of Social Media in Higher Education

Presence of Social media is growing vigorously. But still social media is

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Top Tweets and Resources for Teachers and Leaders (April #3)

Check out some of the amazing resources shared by educators, educational leaders

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eLearningTags.com – Social Bookmarking Site for E-Learning Professionals

Content curation is the process of discovering, organizing and sharing quality online

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What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is simply making bookmarks available to a social network. Rather

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Diigo – Cool Tool for Social Bookmarking

There's a highly exciting novel which you're reading and your mother has

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Must Have Tool for Educators- Diigo – A Classroom Friend

Want to how a social bookmarking tool can serve educators for their

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Diigo – Social Bookmarking

Description: - Diigo is a powerful online research tool and collaborative research

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